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Nail care center of Podiatry Associates of Virginia is pleased to introduce you to a new in-office laser treatment for toenail fungus called the Fox Laser. The Laser treats toenails discolored and thickened by toenail fungus with a much higher success rate than traditional treatment methods. Laser treatment is virtually pain free and patients can resume their normal activity the same day.
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  • Long Pulsed 1064 Laser Treatment for Nail Clearance (Onychomycosis) *
  • Provides Clearer and Healthier Looking Nails with fast and vertually painless treatment
  • New Diode Technology Sets the Standard for Portability, Power and Ease of Use 
  • No anesthesia is required
  • There are no known lasting side effects (unlikely with oral medications)
  • There is no visible harm to the treated nail or adjacent skin
  • Socks and shoes can be worn immediately after the procedure
  • Nail polish can be applied after treatment
  • There is no "recovery“ period after the procedure

FOX is the Perfect Podiatry Laser System and is FDA cleared for several applications:

  • Nevi / Plantar Warts / Matricectomies / Incision / Vaporization
  • Spider Veins / Telangiectasias / Hemangiomas / Coagulation

FOX 1064 Laser for Onychomycosis *

The most common cause of brittle yellowing nails is the fungal infection. Over 35 million Americans have fungal nail infections. Fungi are dermatophytes that feed on nail keratin. These organisms flourish in a warm, dark and moist environment such as in shoes. Infected nails have yellowing or white spots. As the fungal infection develops, the nails may get thicker, further discolored and get a build up of debris under the nail plate.  Additionally, the nail may change in texture, loss of shine and clarity, and the nail may become brittle and crumbly and gradually infect additional nails and contribute to a negative self image.

Traditional Treatments

There are several treatments for nail fungus (onychomycosis). The most conservative is to just thin down the nail every 9 weeks and apply topical medications but this type of medicine does not work well if the whole nail is involved. Oral medications (such as Lamasil) can be prescribed but may cause an elevation in liver enzymes and can cause liver damage. 

Laser Treatment of Nail Fungus

The use of lasers in podiatry is not new. For years lasers have been used safely on the foot for several conditions. Although the 1064 laser is FDA approved for the temporary clearing of nails, its use is considered an "off label" application.  Laser is an excellent choice for patients who do not want to risk taking oral medications.                                                                                                                                      * FDA approval pending for nail clearance

What Else Do I Need To Know? 

  • Most insurance providers do not cover this procedure and thus it is an out of pocket expense.
  • You must apply a topical medication to prevent re-infection daily.
  • Additional treatments may be necessary for severely infected nails.
  • No guarantees regarding treatment results as such can not be given with use of oral medication (Lamisil).
  • Results are not immediate, it will take time as the new nail grows out
  • Our low cost of $699 includes the consultation, laser treatment, professional topical medication,
  • follow up visit and if needed a re-application of the laser to the toenails (when the nails are severely infected)

             At the time of this posting Podiatry Associates of Virginia is the only Medical office who has                                                             the Fox 1064 Laser in Hampton Roads

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