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Photos of Diabetic Shoes continued


Ronald McDonald

Salty of the Norfolk Admirals

     Savannah Lane 2015 Miss Virginia with Dr. Feld
 Savannah Lane 2015 Miss Virginia

      Desiree Williams 2013 Miss Virginia with Dr. Feld
Desiree Williams past Miss Virginia
Courtney Garrett 2014 Miss Virginia with Dr Feld
       Courtney Garrett past Miss Virginia

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Adrian Grenier and Dr. Feld
 Starting our own Entourage
Dr. Feld with 
Adrian Grenier
Dr. Feld at one time served as the Vice President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics
He continues to be an active member of 

Eastern Virginia Medical School faculty.

We can treat you!
           Dr. Jeffrey Feld Podiatrist poses for a photograph at one of his many lectures
Educating other Doctors at a recent confrence
Taking care of athletes by Dr. Feld's
Dr. Feld and Olympic gold medalist, U.S.A. womens soccer,
Angela Hucles

We take a friendly, thorough and gentle approach in caring for our patients and sizing up the diabetic shoe gear. We'll attempt to fully educate you about your foot problems and treatment options and we'll ensure you understand the options which may be available

Dr. Feld and Eddie Pope of the
US National Soccer Team
  Dr. Feld and Eddie Pope of the US Soccer team   

  936 General Booth Blvd. VB VA 23451

Dr. Feld and Chris Evert, winner of 18 Grand Slam single tennis championships

 Chris Evert, winner of 18 Grand Slam single tennis championships

Mayor Will Sessoms with Dr. Feld

Mayor Will Sessoms

Foot and Ankle care in Virginia Beach and Norfolk

Gail O'Grady Actress / Producer

Local Alzehimers fund raiser
Dr. Feld, Joe Flanagan of WVEC television and Rudy of the television show Survivor join together at a local Alzehimers foundation fundraiser.

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